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StreetCar is the most exciting concept in urban public transport for a generation.
It innovatively answers many of the key questions in the quest to reduce urban congestion by encouraging greater use of public transport.
With many features of a modern tram yet liberated from rails, StreetCar is a highly practical solution with an equally sound economic justification.
The Wright Group has drawn upon all its expertise and experience as one of Europe's most forward thinking PSV providers.
Combining the style and technology with the best in light rail vehicle design, StreetCar creates that elusive "wow" factor, yet retains the flexibility and affordability of a city bus.
For cities wanting the benefits of light rail without the high capital cost and long lead times, StreetCar provides both the answer and the desire to make it happen.

StreetCar First York

Volvo B9LA
Body Length(s)
Maximum Capacity
Maximum Seated
Maximum Standees 76 

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