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Wrightbus is proudly leading the way in zero-emissions transport, with our world-first hydrogen double-decker at the vanguard of a green revolution. Designed and built in the UK, our technology is helping the world breathe again...

Benefits of Hydrogen

Benefits of Hydrogen

There are currently only two mainstream zero emission drivelines for all types of vehicle; (BEV) and (FCEV).

Our FCEV double deck can be filled with 25kgs of hydrogen in approximately 10 minutes and it is then able to achieve a distance range of approximately 250 miles which is similar to that of a diesel bus. If further daily range is required then additional hydrogen tanks can be installed. This means that one FCEV bus can replace one diesel bus. Also, FCEV buses don’t require large scale investment in the electricity supply to the bus garage and don’t overload the local electricity grid at peak charging times. Green hydrogen can be produced from surplus renewable energy at a remote location close to a wind farm or close to a high powered electricity transmission and this can service an unlimited number of buses.

In the short term a gas tanker truck would be required to deliver the hydrogen to the bus garage but longer term the hydrogen could be delivered via the existing mains gas pipelines. This means that FCEV buses can be suitable for both inner city bus garages where there is insufficient electricity grid capacity and very rural bus garages where there is no suitable electricity grid. The only tailpipe emission from a FCEV bus is water vapour.

BEV’s are becoming very popular for passenger cars which typically drive for only a few hours a day and can be charged for 6 to 8 hours overnight. However, a BEV driveline is not optimum for all city bus applications because these can require up to 22 hours of driving per day and this leaves insufficient time for battery charging. Also, for longer and higher speed bus routes it isn’t always feasible to install enough battery capacity on the bus to meet the daily distance requirement. Due to these limitations, it is sometimes necessary to buy more than one BEV bus to replace one diesel bus.

Another challenge with BEV buses is the installation of sufficient electricity grid capacity to charge the buses. Typical UK bus garages can have around 100 buses. Charging this number of buses simultaneously requires at least a 33kV connection to the grid. It can cost around £1 million per km to bring such a high powered electrical supply to a bus garage and this assumes that the local electricity grid has enough spare capacity. To put this into perspective, a 33kV supply is normally enough to supply a town of 5000 houses.

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Wrightbus has been at the forefront of transport innovation since 1946, relentlessly pushing the boundaries with its commitment to quality, style and safety.

The company's market-leading low-floor bus shaped the future of the industry, while its zero-emission hydrogen double-decker grabbed the title of world-first and already has orders from around the globe.

Under the stewardship of Jo Bamford, who took over as Executive Chairman in 2019, Wrightbus has become a byword for excellence in public transport, all the while raising the profile of UK manufacturing from its base in Ballymena.

Wrightbus has a proud history and with its pioneering approach to hydrogen technology it has an even brighter future.

“Providing a vital service for the local community – be supported to buy a clean, green, UK-built hydrogen bus” Jo Bamford
Chairman - Wrightbus

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